What makes Databank different?

We do not sell marketing lists. All our members effectively have access to the entire 'information asset'. That information is hosted and maintained and updated in the cloud by our team and its automated inbound Data streams. The need for 'Inhouse' Data Cleansing and Management is removed, access to this organicaly evolving marketing information can be done on demand through your account portal.

We were voted best Data Supplier 2013

by Inbox Marketing. The UK leader in Non Permission based B2B eMarketing.

  • Established 2000

    Established in the summer of 2000 with an Intial database of just 50,000 businesses. Now serving infomation on over 2.2 Million business records.

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  • Over 100,000 Downloads

    Over 100,000 Unique lists have been created using Databank.

Our Approach

At Databank you do not buy a specific list with a 'one hat fits all' approach. You build your own marketing lists using filters provided within our online portal. The Data we provide is mainly used for digital eMarketing as 100% of records have an email address but can also be used for telemarketing or postal marketing.

We are Leaders

Through online fast Data filtering technology we are able to maintain one 'master' body of data and allow our clients to pull down accurate marketing contact information specific to their organisations needs at the right time and to meet a specific campaigns needs.

Our Success Edge

Is achieved by continued commitment to Data quality our understanding that our success depends on the quality of infomation we provide.